Camembert Cheese is a type of soft cheese. It originated in France, particularly in Normandy, Camembert. It was first created by Marie Harel in 1791. She used unpasteurised cow’s milk to make the first camembert cheese.

Camembert cheese has now been given an AOC designation. AOC stands for Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée which is a food labelling term used in France to protect the style, ingredients and origin of a product.

Camembert CheeseMost producers nowadays do not use the same process that Mariel Harel used. Nevertheless, only those who use the original process are able to call their creation ‘Camembert Normandie’.

Fresh camembert has a bland, crumbly and hard texture; and usually has a milky sweet taste. But, as it matures, the interior becomes smooth and runny. This artisan cheese is soft-ripened and has a pale yellow colour. It offers a soft, supple, chalky, smooth, and runny texture. It has a bloomy rind and an earthy aroma. People who have tasted this type of cheese described its taste to be buttery, creamy, milky, and sweet. And some would even prefer baking Camembert cheese on special occasions.

Many people tend to confuse camembert with cheese brie since they are quite similar. It is understandable because both types of cheese originated in the northern part of France. They are made using cow’s milk and the processes used for making them are also very similar. They also both have the same edible rinds.

However, they do have their differences. For one thing, Brie has a milder, creamier and more buttery flavour. Camembert, on the other hand, offers a more intense flavour with deeper earthy notes. And, while their textures are similar, camembert is typically denser.

The cream added when making brie also has higher milk fat percentage so it has a creamier texture. In addition, lactic starter is only added at the beginning of making brie. In making camembert, it is usually added 5 times, which is the reason why this cheese has a stronger flavour than Brie.

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