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If you are reading this page you most likely contacted us and ask question similar to this one:

” Hi, just curious as to the cost of the 300 litre cheese kettle.”

Best analogy I can think of is to call real estate agent and ask “How much is 3 or 4 bedroom house, please”. There is so much more to it…

Your inquiry is important to us. However, we do need your help to draft and offer what is best fitted to your project.

Please complete fallowing form and we will contact you shortly.


Frequently asked questions:

Consultancy service

We offer a range of consultancy service to our existing and new clients.

  • If you are new to the dairy and thinking of starting your commercial factory – click below

Comprehensive starter report (feasibility study)

  • If you only need help to resolve single problem: which equipment to choose or what products make, troubleshooting with your products, click here

Hourly consultancy service


Second hand equipment

It’s hard to find reliable second hand equipment. Most of the second hands listed on gumtree or ebay will require significant work to make it food compliant again. This is not only weldquality but also headspace temperature probe install among with recording device.  We only purchase back equipment we understand how it was used for and often we have been servicing it for years. This happens when existing customer decide to upgrade and sell us back old vat.

Best way to stay in the loop is to sign in to our newsletter. We will email members when second hand equipment’s become available. Those never last long, so we encourage you to be quick.


For those of you making inquiry re milk taxi please read below brochure. When you contacting us please make sure of commenting what volume of milk taxi you wish to be quoted for is it 3 or 4 wheeler and would you like drive wheel.


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