Cheese wrapping silver microperforated 210x210mm


Wrapping silver  for brie and Camemberts, soft goat cheeses . Size: 210×210 mm

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Cheese wrapping silver microperforated

1 item = Pack 500 sheets

Size: 210x210mm

This Silver Cheese Wrap is ideal for all mould-ripened cheeses including Camembert, Brie, and soft-ripened goat cheese.

The wrap is microperforated giving the cheese sufficient air for over 6-10 weeks of maturation. The cheese has room to breathe and allows the blue mould to infuse throughout the cheese during this time. It has 2 layers (dull side) and (shiny side) which both serve to protect the cheese and help it to develop the best flavour and aroma.

Cheese Wrap is to be used with the shiny side to the outside.


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