Calf Milk Taxi for Sale

This Calf feeding milk taxi is the Rolls Royce of manual calf feeding, which is fast catching on in Australia. With a rechargeable battery-powered pump and dosing tap, the stainless steel container holds 80 to 260 litres, and it is mobile. It will warm, agitate, and hold milk at temperature. It shines mixing milk powder, and it dispenses perfectly measured amounts time and time again.

The Calf milk taxi for sale also comes in a pasteurised model. Consistency is part of the secret to successful calf-rearing and the Milk Taxi excels at consistency.

  • Rechargeable Battery Powered Pump and Dosing Tap
  • Stainless Steel Reservoir with High Performance Agitator
  • Effective and fast ration mixing
  • Easy milk transport from milk room to calf shed
  • Rapid milk dosage into the teat feeder buckets with a dispensing tapIn-built heating element with variable thermostat and thermometer to warm cold milk gently
  • New: Integrated Pasteuriser (Option)