Cheese Harp for Sale (Made per Order)

This curd cutting tool cheese harp is great for making cheese in a pot or compact vat. Two harps one vertical one horizontal for eas of cutting.

To cube the curd evenly, make an initial single cut, then cross the initial cut with an opposing cutting motion.  While come cheeses depend large gentle curd cuts (Camembert and Brie for example), other cheese requires hazelnut or even grain size curd (Cheddar, Gouda, Reblochon, Tomme, Swiss and Parmesan -to name a few). For these cheeses, simply repeat the cutting motions until a proper size is obtained.

TIP: When cutting repeatedly to get smaller curd size, it is best to make an initial rough cut and let the curd settle a few minutes before stirring and making additional cuts. This enables shrinkage and firming of the curd, so further cuts are clean and curd does not crush or disintegrate into the whey.

All knives can be ordered in virtually any frame and cut size to suit your specific requirements. Custom knives can be built to match the profiles of your cheese vat, allowing custom fit and minimizing overcutting the curd.