200 Ltr Milk Pasteurizer

• Energy saving three coat, insulated jacket made of stainless steel AISI 304 or 316
• Thermal energy for heating and cooling is exchanged directly through the coat (sides)
and the bottom of the kettle with 1/2” connections
• Pasteurizer is non-pressurised unit
• One-part cover
• Agitator mounted permanently on top of the pasteuriser with stirrer set on around
• Electrical heaters 400V 3N 50Hz 24kW (two heating elements 12KW each)
• Two manual temperature probes: one for product and second probe for head space
• Basic, manual head space heating system
• Short outflow valve with a butterfly DN50 valve 3A standard
• Heating and cooling time will vary based on the temperature of the product, chilled
• Water/glycol, flow of the liquids and other factors.