200 Ltr Cheese Making Kettle Vat

Cheese kettle vat it’s perfect for small artisan cheese factory’s or dairy processors. Comes in various sizes from 100 ltr up to 1,500 ltr square or round.

• Heating with electrical three phase heaters up to ~ 100°C .
• energy saving three coat, insulated jacket made of stainless steel AISI 304 or 316
• Thermal energy for heating and cooling is exchanged directly through the coat (sides) and the bottom of the kettle with 1/2” connections
• pasteurizer is non-pressurised unit
• two part cover
• movable agitator with variable speed
• electrical heaters 400V 3N 50Hz 24kW (two heating elements 12KW each)
• two manual temperature probes: one for product and second probe for head space
• basic, manual head space heating system
• short outflow valve with a butterfly DN50 valve 3A standard

Heating and cooling time will vary based on the temperature of the product, chilled water/glycol, flow of the liquids and other factors.

Please click here to watch cheese kettle at work.