Cheese press for any size cheesemaker

Cheese press – wall or table top mounted , made of 316 stainless steeel

At The Cheese Kettle Pty Ltd, we offer our own cheese presses specially designed with the home cheese maker in mind. After years of cheesemaking, we realized that cheese presses that were already on the market were inferior. Our high-quality cheese presses were designed by a cheesemaker, for cheesemakers, and our understanding of the art of cheesemaking is obvious when you use our cheese presses


Weight and Pressure

If you walk on fresh snow you will probably sink in. If you put on big wide snow shoes you won’t. The difference is that the snow shoes spread your weight over a larger area and that puts less pressure on the snow. What does this have to do with making cheese?

If you press the cheese in a small diameter  cheese mold with 50 lbs, the effect on the cheese is different than if your cheese mold has a larger diameter and you press with the same 50 lbs. The larger cheese mold will have less pressure because the weight is spread over a larger area.

When pressing cheese in a cheese press the goal is to press with accurate pressure. There are many variables in making cheese but this will eliminate one of them.

Weight is measured in pounds ( lbs ). Pressure is measured in pounds per square inch ( PSI ).

The pressure is the weight you put on one square inch of area. So if the area of the top of your cheese mold is 9 square inches you will have to put 9 pounds of pressing weight on the cheese mold to get 1  PSI. That is 1 pound on each of the 9 square inches of area which is 1 pound per square inch.

The formula is      pressure = weight / area

this will give you an ideal cheese press ratio.