Cheese wrapping GOLD microperforated 240x240mm


Wrapping gold for brie and Camemberts, soft goat cheeses. Size: 240x240mm

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Cheese wrapping microperforated gold

1 item = Pack 200 sheets

Size: 240x240mm

This micro-perforated cheese wrap is best used for white penicillin ripened rinds including Camembert, Brie and soft-ripened goat cheese.

The cheese side (white kraft paper) is bonded to a foil and wax coated. This cheese wrap ensures that the cheese has proper air exchange under a controlled environment. It restricts the blue mould from developing a thick layer over the surface of the cheese.

Cheese Wrap is to be used with the shiny side to the outside. This wrap may come folded or rolled for ease of postage.

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