Yogurt is a semisolid food that is made by means of bacterial fermentation. This dairy produce commonly have a sour taste. However, with the advancement of technology, many of the yogurt producers nowadays have added new flavours into this awesome dairy product.

Yogurt is one of the most popular food in the world. Not only because of its unique taste but also because of its many health benefits.

One of the many health benefits of yogurt is it gives you stronger teeth and bones because it is rich in calcium. A cup of yogurt is known to contain 49% of your daily calcium requirement.

Benefits of YogurtYogurt is also known to have high levels of Vitamin B, specifically B12 and riboflavin. These vitamins can reduce the risk of heart diseases and neural tube birth defects.

Because it contains phosphorus, among the health benefits of yogurt is it helps us with several of our biological processes. These include blood pressure regulation, fast metabolism and bone health.

While yogurt doesn’t have Vitamin D, but it is usually fortified with it, thereby making this dairy product help promote healthy bones and immune system. Aside from heart disease, this dairy produce can also help reduce the risk of depression.

Yogurt is also rich in protein. As you may already know, this nutrient is able to promote healthy metabolism by increasing the number of calories that a person burns throughout the day. It also helps regulate a person’s appetite and increases the production of hormones that tells the brain that you are full. By promoting calorie loss and lesser calorie intake, yogurt is also beneficial when it comes to controlling your weight.

Studies also show that yogurt contains probiotics. These are live bacteria which helps promote good digestion. Consuming yogurt that contains probiotics can strengthen your immune system as well. Aside from probiotics, this dairy product is also known to contain magnesium, selenium and zinc – all of which, play vital roles in the health of the immune system.

While many people love yogurt just for its taste alone, there are others who prefer this because of the many health benefits of yogurt. Some prefer homemade yogurt, while others prefer yogurts that were made using high end or traditional dairy equipment.