Milk Cooling Tank – with chiller and CIP system (spray balls)

The Cheese Kettle milk cooling tank is at the core of the company’s extensive range of dairy products. Manufacturing quality, finish and cooling efficiency ensures that Cheese Kettle stands out from the rest. Cheese Kettle milk cooling tanks are manufactured in the United Europe and produced from high quality stainless steel.

Rapid and economical milk cooling is crucial to get best milk quality. Milk leaves the cows udder at about 35°C and that energy  heat should be quickly removed by rapid chilling. Milk retains a natural resistance to different microorganisms once extracted however solely fast and efficent cooling to a storage temperature of around 4°C can, prevents or minimizes additional micro-organism growth.

  • Compact design
  • Rapid and efficient cooling
  • Low Energy operating costs
  • High quality materials and craftsmanchip
  • Digital/Analog temperature indication
  • Microprocessor cooling and cleaning controls (option)
  • Avilable in a wide range f capacities
  • Heat recovery system – ‘free’ hot water

3200ltr milk tanker with a chiller and heat-recovery system