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Cheese kettles, pasteurisers, chillers, brewing system, dairy equipment and much more…

We take customer satisfaction very seriously here at Cheese Kettle Pty Ltd.
Our teams go out of our way to provide you brewing system & dairy equipment that best suits your needs.
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Dairy Processing equipment

Our highly experienced team bring smart solutions to your unique and complex production issues. We offer extensive design and engineering services, including:

Consulting service

Today’s dairy processing plants face enormous challenges. Many facilities still using outdated dairy automation systems must now make major upgrades in spite of difficult economic circumstances

Brewing equipment

It’s all about the beer. Be your own boss and start to write history by making the best beer in town!

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How to Make Butterkase Cheese

How to Make Butterkase Cheese

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How to Make Manchego

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How to Make Limburger Cheese

How to Make Limburger Cheese

Limburger is a washed rind cheese with a pale yellow color and an orange rind. At one month maturation, this delectable cheese sports a firm,...

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