Cultured butter is a type of butter, which has been made using cream that’s been inoculated with cultures. Most of the time, cultured butter makers use mesophilic bacteria to culture the cream. This type of butter is characterised as being a bit sour. So, what’s so good about this type of butter? What are the health benefits of butter?

First of all, cultured butter is a great source of vitamins A, D, E and K-2. All of these are essential nutrients for the development and preservation of the body. It also helps the body to consume the nutrients that you ingest. Aside from vitamin A, there is also a mineral called Arachidonic Acid, which is a known to play a vital component of cell membranes and can help the nervous system to function better.

Based on studies, vitamin A from cultured butter is easily and quickly absorbed compared to the other sources. Vitamin A is a vital mineral that helps maintain the health of the adrenal and thyroid gland. It also helps maintain a person’s heart and cardiovascular health.

Glycosphingolipids is also among the many nutrients found in cultured butter fat. This fatty acid can help prevent and fight against gastrointestinal infections. It also contains minerals such as Manganese, Zinc, Chromium, Selenium and Iodine. It also contains lauric acid, which is vital for fighting against fungal infections and candida.

Many people believe that eating butter can make you fat. But the fact is, cultured butter can help your body absorb and utilise cholesterol better. This is due to a mineral called lecithin, which is vital for cholesterol metabolism.

There are recent studies about the significance of butter fats and conjugated linoleic acid. Researchers were able to find out that saturated fats found in cultured butter can help reduce the risk of getting cancer or tumor. In addition, linoleic acid is also an effective muscle building and immunity boosting mineral.

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