Worldwide, the average farm has around 1 to 2 cows. It is also a fact that despite the size of the industry, industry leaders are looking for ways to meet the current demand. And it is worth mentioning that consumers today look not only for milk but also for other products such as yogurt to whey protein-powders.

Considering the growth of the dairy industry, it is imperative for dairy factories to pay close attention to some of the best dairy practices out there. With good industry practices, it becomes possible not only to meet the demands but also make employees enjoy the work.

Animal Health and Welfare

It is a fact that the dairy industry is heavily reliant on farm animals. In the last years, animal health and welfare has been a highly debated topic. Animal advocates demand the industry to practice the ethical treatment of animals. Aside from animal welfare, sustainability is another important discussion that the industry must address.

For instance, if a farm is using a breed that isn’t present in a country, is the breed suited for the country’s climate? It isn’t enough that farms import animals. It is just as important to also consider the adaptability of the animal to the soil, and even to the pathogens that the animal is probably going to deal with.

Another ideal practice in today’s dairy industry is to get the best veterinarians in order to look after the health of the animals. Some farms even have in-house vets. Scheduled vaccination plus monitoring of the animals’ health should be a priority in farms. And of course, animals should be treated in the most ideal conditions.


Another good practice in the dairy industry is having a structure. Every successful dairy business needs to have a good structure ranging from the crop programs to their annual budgets. These are some of the most important things that should be part of any farm in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Also, the roles of each member of the organization should be clear whether found at the top or at the bottom of the organization chart. It leads to better dynamics in the workplace, plus it prevents confusion which members cover which responsibility and task.

Checking the Numbers Regularly

Understanding your dairy factory’s performance is just as important as making sure that everyone performs their roles. Reviewing the performance of the company can give management insight as to what they can do to improve their operations. It also helps the company understand challenging areas of their operations.

Focus on Sanitation

Sanitary practices play a huge role in making sure that customers are safe when consuming dairy products. Keep in mind that there are dairy products such as milk considered to be highly perishable. Aside from proper storage, it is also a must to pay close attention to the sanitation of the factory’s equipment.

There are several things that can affect the overall quality of dairy products. Temperature, personal hygiene of farm workers, and cleaning practices within the dairy farm are just some of the few things that the industry must meet.

Therefore, professional sanitation experts should be a staple of any dairy factory. Scheduled sanitation should be performed and evaluated in order to ensure that there’s minimal growth of pathogens within the factory.

Farm workers are treated fairly

Another good dairy industry practice is to treat the workers fairly. Not only should the workers be working 8 hours a day, they should also be given proper compensation in case they opt to have work more than the usual 8 hours.

Also, the dairy industry can have its work-related risks. It means that there is a chance that the workers could potentially encounter accidents that can cause injuries or even ones that are life-threatening. It is of utmost importance that the industry takes a closer look at these potential dangers and address them in a pre-emptive manner. As a rule of thumb, employees should have peace of mind whenever they are working for the company.

The company should be liable for anything that would happen during the 8-hour shift. And, it is imperative that the company is going to provide proper training and dairy equipment in order to promote a safe workplace.

Continuously Studying the Latest Trends in the Dairy Industry

Another important practice in the dairy industry is to continuously adapt to the changing times. Industry leaders are constantly seeking improvements that can help yield better profits and to ensure efficiency within the workplace.

The demand from the dairy industry is constantly growing. In fact, it is said that the worldwide dairy industry is having a hard time when it comes to meeting the demand of today’s consumers. With good industry practices, not only does it improve productivity, but it can also promote a safe workplace for its employees.

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