100ltr pasteuriser with chiller

100 ltr pasteuriser with chiller

Heating with electrical heaters up to 100°C air cooled heat exchanger for cooling down to 4°C with cooling aggregate.
Separate heating / cooling unit.
Volume: 100 l

• Three part insulated jacket, construction of the kettle made of stainless steel AISI 304/AISI316;
• This is no pressurised unit
• Connections for circulating heating/cooling agent (glycol)
• Water circulation pump for the circulation of heating or cooling water
• Electrical heaters 18kW
• Electromotor / electro-magnetic valve for switching between heating and cooling
• One-part cover (with service hole) with a spring-hinge for easier lifting of the cover
• Electro motor for stirrer drive with 23 rpm
• Temperature probe in the medium
• Cooling aggregate, independent construction with air cooled condenser

• Power supply: 400V 3N 50Hz; 18.5kW