Cheese Wrapping paper white microperforated 210x210mm

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White mould wrapping paper¬† for brie and Camemberts, soft goat cheeses . Size: 210×210 mm

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Cheese Wrapping paper microperforated white

1 item = Pack 500 sheets

Size: 210x210mm

This micro-perforated cheese wrap is ideal for Camembert, Brie, soft-ripened goat cheese, and other white moulded cheeses. It is made with 2 layers where the inner layer is paraffin coated, thin white parchment paper while the outer layer is a 20-micron opaque white micro-perforated polypropylene paper. This allows the cheese to breathe over a 6-10-week period.

Cheese Wrap is to be used with the shiny side to the outside.

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