Cheese Wrapping paper white microperforated 420x420mm


White mould wrapping paper for brie and Camemberts, soft goat cheeses . Size: 240×240 mm

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Cheese Wrapping paper white microperforated

1 item = Pack 500 sheets

Size: 420x420mm

This cheese wrapping paper is perfect for Camembert, Brie, white moulded cheeses, and soft goat cheeses.

This paper is comprised of two layers. The inner layer is paraffin coated, thin white parchment paper. The outer layer is a 20-micron opaque white micro-perforated polypropylene paper. These two layers are bonded together and serve to absorb excess moisture, allows the cheese from breathing, and protecting it from dying out.

Cheese Wrap is to be used with the shiny side to the outside.

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