Many people are sceptical including cheese in their day to day diet. Although food is one of the most popular foods in the world; it is often mistaken as a comfort food. But contrary to popular beliefs, cheese is one of the most recommended food to include to have a healthy diet. This food is not only delicious, but it also offers many health benefits.

As a by-product of milk, this popular food is known to contain a lot of nutrients. In fact, Better Health, an Australian owned Health and Medical information provider; has listed cheese as one of the calcium-rich foods. Aside from helping your muscles, nerves and cells’ functions, calcium is primarily responsible promoting healthy bones.

The human skeleton is an organ that continuously remodels itself. While it is known that human bones are unable to produce calcium on its own, such nutrient is basically absorbed through the food that we consume. Calcium, just like phosphorus, is one of the main ingredients that help form bone. And even as we grow older, calcium will still be needed by our body.

Calcium deficiency is not a good thing. As you may already know, calcium is integrated in our blood in order for our cells to stay healthy. If there isn’t enough intake of calcium, the human body will use hormones to reduce the amount of calcium your kidney are excreting while you urinate. Since your calcium intake is not enough, over time, your body will use the calcium in your bones, which will make it brittle and weak.

Calcium deficiency can lead to a lot of complications including osteopenia and osteoporosis. In addition, people with low calcium intake are also known to be prone to dental problems including brittle tooth, irritated gums, weak roots and tooth decay.

In a post by National Institutes of Health, cheese is one of the best sources of calcium to supply your body every day.

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