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Small cheese factory must-haves equipment

Small cheese factory start-up equipment! First things first, before you will get into the exciting stage of equipment orders, you have to ask yourself following questions: What products will you make? Will you make soft cheese, hard cheese, yoghurt or perhaps a...

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PH meter for cheese making -review

PH meter for cheese If you are serious about cheese making you will quickly realise PH (and TA – covered in a separate article) of your dairy products is essential  to be successful. So, what does PH meter do? The pH meter measures the difference in electrical...

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CoolBot walk in coolrooms controller

CoolBot walk in coolrooms controller   We are very pleased to announce that we  are the distributor for CoolBoot for Australia and New Zealand. From now on the complete product range of Coolboot is in Cheese Kettele distribution. CoolBot   Allows a standard...

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